Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

This site is build for teaching people the right things.

Everyone can learn their academic lesson,many kind of tips and tricks,real life story,motivational lecture and many kinds of lecture without paying any kind of fee or signing up.

Anyone can read and learn everything by this e-Learning based site without creating account or logging in.

We don't use cockies in this site.Because it is made only for teaching and helping you.

As there is no cockie risk and data,Your privacy is fully encrypted.

Though there are many author,moderator and administrators,This site is fully maintained and monitored by GM Hasanat.
So you can feel fresh and risk free to browse this site.

Thanks for staying with us.We are always with you.Keep learning by GM Hasanat.Never hasitate.

Best wishes for you,
GM Hasanat
Founder & CEO of
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